Portfolio Review

This page is designed for offerings of specified collection of properties.  The offerings are available to private investors, 1031 Exchange professionals and commercial real estate brokers.

Properties in this section may, in some cases, be purchased in random combinations.  In certain cases, the portfolio owner may not be able to divide the holding or the geographic conditions are such that it is impractical to do so.  Questions regarding the flexibility of portfolio owners can be directed to

Some offerings in the section do not include a commission to a selling or buyer’s agent.  Certain transaction fees are shared between buyer and seller.  Some portfolio owners may be licensed in the state where the property is located and are expecting to make a profit from the transaction.  Because of the size of these offerings, a letter of credit or evidence of significant earnest money is required.  Registration is required to view the portfolio detail.  There is no cost to register.

We value your privacy as much as ours.  This is our business site.  We will not sell or transfer any registration information you give us.  It is protected and held in the strictest of confidence.

To view the list of any portfolio, click on any of the fields below.

The ‘portfolio’ contains a list of the particular collection offered plus pictures of the  property.

The adjacent links,  ‘narrative’, ‘detail’ and ‘financials’ contain detailed information about each property in the portfolio.   Price is displayed as well.

The last link is all the portfolios together.

Excel spreadsheets are included for each portfolio as a tool for further work and analysis.  They include a spreadsheet proforma and a cash flow analysis.  

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